Pacing for Gravel / vermont overland

trying to map out plan for pacing for VO in a week or so. what do folks use to calcualte a pace plan using FTP?

I can’t speak the general usefulness of pace plans on gravel, but I think this year specifically would be an extremely difficult one to predict because of how badly the Class IV roads have been washed out. From the email Ansel sent out, it looks like they did a bunch of rerouting and are using a bunch of new roads:

(Route HERE)

Judging from state of the Class IV roads where I live (outside of Montpelier) and in the events I’ve ridden, I think they’re going to be a major bottleneck. Lots of sections that used to be perfectly rideable now have massive gullies in them, sometimes with like a foot wide path to ride on. I know Southern VT got hit pretty hard with flooding, too, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up with a few major walking sections.

ETA: Good example from a ride this weekend. Six weeks ago, this was a totally unremarkable section of somewhat chunky Class IV. Just wait for some jackass to be totally sure they can pass you on the left. Class IV roads are by definition unmaintained, so this kind of thing will only be fixed if/when volunteers get around to it and can raise the funds for materials and such.

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Yeah…I’m probably not even going to “race” it because of how variable the conditions might be*–more just have a good time. More rain today, too…

*famous last words. If I place well, I tried; if I didn’t, I was just chilling :joy:


I’m going with “aggressive group ride” for my pace rather than trying to push it, for sure. It does seem likely to be wet, and if so a lot of folks are going to be leaving some blood/sweat/tears/maybe skin on the course.

@FergusYL That was probably the hardest race I have ever done and I have done the Vermont 50 nine times so that says a lot. The class 4 roads were basically single track with some muddy slabs and large loose rocks and greasy sticks in all the wrong places.

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