Overtraining whilst following plan

I’m new to TrainerRoad and have been strictly following a medium level cycle plan for 4 weeks. I haven’t been doing any other rides other than the ones in the plan but have been warned that I am overtraining and need to take an unscheduled rest day. How can I be overtraining if I’m strictly following the cycle plan recommended by TrainerRoad and have accepted all the recommended adaptations?

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Who said you were overtraining and based on what criteria?


What makes you think your over trained?

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Thanks for responding.
TrainerRoad have advised that I’m overtraining. Think it’s the new red/amber warning feature that TR has introduced

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I would read the material and FAQ regarding the Red Light Green Light feature. You are not overtraining.

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RLGL is only going to approach being accurate after it has gotten a decent history of your consistent training. (Probably 6-8 weeks).

If you’re coming off a significant break or you haven’t fed your other training data into it (link your Strava), it’s going to think you’re over doing it.

On the flip side, how are you answering the post-workout surveys? If you’re saying that in those that rides felt hard that aren’t supposed to, then maybe your FTP is set too high and you really are overdoing it. Yes AT should adjust to that a bit, but if you start at PL 1 and your FTP is set too high, then I’m not sure what it will do in that situation.

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I assume you are in the Base phase. If you find that you are struggling with the Mid volume plan then perhaps you should try the Low volume plan.

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Do you feel over trained?

Struggling through work outs, tired, not wanting to really ride

Thanks all for your responses. Have synced all previous rides, have done FTP test at beginning of base plan and then TR increased FTP based on first 10 indoor rides , so strictly following plan. Don’t feel overtired, indeed advised FTP from TR is lower than the one I use when spinning.
Have read FAQs and the only suggestion there is that perhaps I’m doing too many sessions, if that’s the case I’m surprised TR doesn’t build up frequency during the base phase.
Will enjoy the relaxing ride suggested

Ah, so you’re actually NOT following a TR mid volume plan. It sounds like you’re ADDING workouts to a mid volume plan.

TR will never “build up frequency”. That’s not how the TR plans work. Frequency is determined by Low, Medium, and High volume plans.

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I didn’t read his post that way - I read it more along the lines of “I’m surprised TR has you doing C sessions per week consistently instead of building up by adding an extra session every week or two”.

As per my post I am strictly following TR plan. Medium level is 5 sessions, a block of 3 a rest day, a block of 2 and then a rest day.

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I think you’re misinterpreting him. I think he’s saying he’s surprised the plans go from 0-100 on training frequency. I know your training is very consistent, so you find RLGL accurate. But my experience is it doesn’t accurately assess changes in volume well at all.

@Cader If you feel fine and the workouts feel fully achievable, especially near threshold, then don’t sweat it. RLGL is not unfailing, especially when you’re training hasn’t been consistent for the past 6-8 weeks.

Also, if you’re experienced in structured training, you might find that AT ramps up your Progression Levels too slowly. If so, you can and should pick harder PL alternates for the same training zone and give accurate feedback to the surveys (how hard did it feel, regardless of how hard you thought it should feel).



Thanks for all your contributions. Am in discussions with support@TR and it would appear that the issue is probably due to a problem when my spin classes recorded on Strava were imported into TR. The TSS were typically around 50 or higher but have been recorded in TR as 4. What’s also odd is that the sync rides are showing differently in my TR app than in TR in my web account. Still incorrect but much closer(ie more like 40) to the correct levels. As a result the TR AI thinks my TSS levels have made a huge jump whereas they are only slightly up on my historical levels. Hopefully support@TR can help fix this


I had a similar issue when my history imported to TR from Strava. A number of my rides showed up in TR as only lasting like 1 or 2 seconds. I didn’t bother worrying about it until RLGL came out. Then I wanted my TR history to be accurate. So I manually fixed it, but it was a bit of a faf. Here are the steps I did in case it helps anyone else.

  • delete ride in Strava (deleting it in TR won’t work)
  • send ride to Strava again from Wahoo app
  • close TR calendar, then re-open it
  • ride then appeared correctly on TR calendar

I did these in batches, where I deleted a batch of the “bad” rides in Strava, then re-resent them to Strava via Wahoo, closed TR calendar then re-opened it, and the rides appeared in TR correctly.

Interesting thing I learned through this process is that TR actually goes out to Strava every time you open the TR calendar. So it appears whatever arrangement TR has with Strava, Strava still “owns” all that historic data, as it does not seem to reside on the TR system.

Thanks, will try that. the spin ride was originally on an ICG bike. I’m trying to see how I can resend from ICG to Strava
From what you say suggests it’s more likely to be a Strava issue, not had any issues syncing from my Garmin

I don’t know if it was a Strava issue. The “bad” rides in TR actually looked fine in Strava. But deleting them and re-adding them corrected things.

Hey @Cader, it looks like Keagan is working on getting things sorted out for you. As you mentioned this is simply a problem with the data you imported from your past activities, so it’s not likely that you’re actually overtraining currently.

What’s cool here is that both of the red days that I’ve seen on your calendar actually resided on rest days at the end of your training week. This means that even with the faulty data in place, you were only just pushing yourself into the red by the end of the week, and recovering enough on that rest day to pick up training again the following day.

Knowing this alongside the fact that you don’t feel overly tired tells me that once we get things sorted out with your old data or RLGL realizes that you’re able to handle the TSS you’re currently taking on (whichever comes first, really) you should be smooth sailing with your current plan.

The issue that I’m seeing with your ICG rides is that those types of spin bikes only record power data every five or so seconds rather than constantly like most power meters and smart trainers. This skews the TSS calculations in TR significantly. :grimacing:

We’re working on looking into this to see if we can find a way to get a more accurate TSS calculation from the data we receive from those types of bikes. :crossed_fingers: