Over unders vs other threshold workouts in lv ss base ii

Hi all

I’m part way into low volume sweetspot base II and am working towards the local cyclocross season. I’m keen to keep riding outside for my workouts for the next month or so but the over under threshold workouts I’m getting recommended in levels 6 & 7 in the coming weeks would be hard to do on local hills. There’s a 15 minute climb about 30 minutes from my house and a 20 minute one 45 minutes away but nothing longer and I’ll need big enough gaps between the intervals to roll back down in between. I was wondering how much difference it would make to my training if I swapped the over unders for other kinds of threshold workout at a similar level:


Mesachie +4 :arrow_right: Mount Grant
Keith :arrow_right: Rainbow +2
McAdie +4 :arrow_right: Rainbow +3 or Deseret
Pinnacle +3 :arrow_right: Rainbow +4

Would making those changes affect my training much? Would I be missing out on much by not doing over unders? Am I OK switching into hard start intervals like the Rainbows or should I have done other hard starts first?

Don’t think it’s an issue switching to different workouts of same type and similar level. Other thing though is that when there is a reasonably long scheduled recovery it’s fine to just take a little longer if that’s what’s needed to get descend enough to fit your next interval in uphill. E.g. If you did Keith with 6-7 minute recoveries instead of 5 minutes that’s really not going to impact your workout. Just wouldn’t do it on the ones like Mesachie where you have 1 minute recoveries - those pairs of intervals are really blocks that are intended to be done in one go.


Thanks, that’s helpful!