Sweetspot High Volume, add over unders

Hi everybody,

I’m currently in the rest week of the high volume sweetspot base 1 training plan. I enjoyed the new plan, the progression felt really good. Maybe it was a bit too easy overall, guess I’ll find out at my next ramp test.

Now the biggest difference with the mid volume plan is the lack of over under workouts. And to be honest, I miss them. I really enjoy over unders. My question is, would it be a bad idea to structurally replace the thursday sweetspot workout in sweetspot base 2 with an over under workout? Seeing as the mid volume does something similar I’m guessing it would be fine as long as I can recover in time for the saturday 2 hour sweetspot ride. To be clear, it’s not that the sweetspot rides are too challenging physically or mentally, I just miss the burn of that 105%.

My goal with training is just getting ‘fitter’ overall. I don’t do races, gran fondos or even group rides.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think there is much wrong with this approach as long as you keep an eye on your fatigue and don’t hesitate to drop one of the weekend workouts down to endurance (and I might just default to that anyway).

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That sounds like a great idea. Finding what you mentally and physically like in a training plan is extremely important for consistency. These plans are meant to be modified so have at it. Over unders are definitely more valuable in a training plan than sweetspot imo, and you’ll probably get more bang for your buck too.

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Thanks guys! I’m just going to try it out.

And I indeed already changed the sunday workout to some longer endurance stuff mwglow15. Makes more sense to me than another sweetspot ride.

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