Over-Unders vs 30/30s

Hi All

I am doing the Sweet Spot Base 2 block at present and have noticed that whenever I get a program on Trainer Road which effectively is an over-under interval program it kills me. I have never completed a single over-under workout without having to pause the session at least 3-4 times and I run out of energy…I then crawl to the end of the workout before slumping off the bike absolutely knackered.

But when I do a short sharp interval program (today I did Taylor -2 which is 14x30 sec intervals with 30 secs rest - 3 blocks) I have to put the intensity up. Today I went up to 107% and then popped on an extended 30 mins of lower level riding at 65% ftp as still felt fine.

Can anyone explain to me why I am dying on one whilst simultaneously finding the other pretty easy?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

A couple of existing discussions. I may merge this one when I have. Items time.

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Weird. I don’t remember writing that but it sounds just like something I’d write! :rofl:

Yeah, go read about all the other peeps who have the exact same and very common issue.

There’s a lot to unpack for each strength and weakness…if you still have questions after you’re done reading, let us know. :+1:


It’s because Taylor -2 has a 0.83 IF, which is low for a VO2max workout.

Keep working at it. Absolutely do not let yourself touch that pause button on the next over/under workout.


There’s a pause button?

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You might need to give it a couple of presses to get it to work… :wink:


No such thing on Win10 - anyways a) you stop, it stops, and b) you shouldn’t stop in the first place.