Over/Unders - Percentages and Absolute Numbers at Different FTPs

I hope I ask this in a way that’s understandable. I’m just curious, honestly. I’m following the plans and loving the results.

I’m recovering from bad collar bone break that’s resulted in a (fortunately small) drop in FTP. As I was working through the over/unders of Palisade today at a reduced FTP, it occurred to me that the absolute difference was less this time than in previous efforts because my FTP is lower. It got me thinking…

(not my real numbers - used for illustrative purposes only).
Over/Unders at 400 FTP
Over at 420, Under at 380 = 40 watt swing.

Over/Unders at 100 FTP
Over at 105, Under at 95 = 10 watt swing.

it seems to me that the higher the FTP, the harder your Overs and the easier your Unders are relative to your FTP. Someone at an FTP of 100 won’t have nearly as dramatic a difference between the top of the Over and the bottom of the Under as someone with an FTP of 400.

So, I guess my question, for those that have very probably thought through this far more deeply than I, is this: Does it matter?

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No, it doesn’t matter because it’s %-based – 95/105% is still 95/105% no matter what the output.

Read here: Are over-under workouts suppose to be this hard?

A total beginner will find O/Us just as hard as a 400 watt pro.

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