Another (odd) Consequence of growing FTP

I’ve been following SSB1 Mid Volume and my ftp has gone up 25 watts in a short time (hooray!) but going from 310 to 335, is it just me or is warming up also getting harder and feel like it’s straying from the default 50% many workouts begin with?

Sub 300, warming up at 140-150 watts was great. At 335, warming up at 167-170 feels weird on cold legs. I’m happy I haven’t been this high on ftp since college, but anybody else kind of like fixed wattages instead of percentages?

I think percentages make sense and work, generally speaking. I personally expect a proper warm up to suck, honestly. They don’t feel “good”, and that’s partly the point.

If they felt easier before, it may well be that your FTP setting was effectively too low, compared to your real ability. Could be now, that you have an FTP setting closer to the “real one”, and you are just experiencing the real feel of a WU as a result.

Fixed values would be odd if you had to try and cover the range of sub 100w through over 300w FTPs. It would be likely to be too much or too little without some level of “stepped” absolutes (which is essentially what the percentage aims to do).

As an alternate, if you don’t like the warm ups as they are presented, simply don’t follow them and do your own thing. Manually ride at whatever level you want. Resistance mode and other methods other than ERG can all get you something other than the target watts.

TR ignores the WU, so you can feel free to do whatever you prefer, and it won’t impact AT at all. Do what you want via override, but I think the stock percentages still make sense as a broad solution.


Right, I was thinking more along the lines of individual observations. I agree and I don’t think it’d be possible or even a good idea to use fixed wattages for the whole population. My question / personal note was to see if anyone else felt the same. It’s like 140 watts felt good when my FTP was 280, and 140 still feels good at 335. 167, not so much.

It’s good to know TR ignores the warmup though! I doubt there is a meaningful difference in the training stress and adaptation of different 5 minute warmups (unless there are workout “primers” being ignored)

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Humblebrag aside :wink: Yes a big jump in FTP does feel odd for a few workouts because it’s unusual, your body has become fitter/faster and is used to an easier warmup.

In all likelihood you’ll adapt quickly to that element, it’s the VO2max intervals that are more concerning.


What’s cycling if you don’t talk about the 80 mile casual rides at the coffee shop when you’re secretly dying inside! Haha sorry, not the intent :grin: happy to be back at my old prime time from like 7 years ago