Over/Under Intervals trainer issue

Yesterday, while doing over/under intervals in erg mode on my Computrainer I had the following issue. First two intervals perfect. From the 3-5 intervals on the ramp up and down I had to pedal at higher cadences to hit the target watts. This made the session even harder than usual. My tire was properly inflated, properly calibrated press on force, warming up tire to 2, as recommended by Computrainer. Any thoughts welcomed, to try to avoid for next weeks over/unders.

Not sure I have any ideas, but can you post a link to the workout for review?

Thank you Chad for quick response. I had trainerroad support look at graph.
It simply shows a cadence rise for the over/under segments 3-5 intervals. Not drastic about 12 more RPMs’ then previous sets. There only thought was to go into an easier gear due to heat buildup in flywheel. I know that would make it worse. Also on Computrainer flywheel does not build up heat, the tire and roller do. It is not that big of a deal. Next time I will try riding with higher press on force, and if that does not work switch into slope mode. I really appreciate your quick response.

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