Feedback Sports Omnium Trainer - Resistance Change as it Warms?

I’ve been on an FS Omnium Overdrive trainer for a few months now and have noticed something I can’t quite figure out.

Over the course of an interval several minutes long, I find that I need to gradually, though slightly raise my cadence over time to keep the power on target. (I use a left side only power meter.) For example, I did 3x8 at 92% for my workout today. Looking at the data, the first 4 minutes of each interval had a lower cadence than the last 4 minutes, confirming what I noticed during the workout. Could there be changes in the power curve as the rollers heat up?

If nobody else is experiencing this, then the other thing I’m wondering is if I have a quirky L/R imbalance in my legs that gets more pronounced as I fatigue and have to raise my cadence to compensate for a fatiguing/weaker left leg?

I look forward to anyone’s thoughts or experiences.

  • Yes. It’s more common than people realize, especially if they don’t have power meters.

I know that my Kinetic Road machine would drift over longer intervals and see a need for cadence or even shifting to hold target.

I have no experience with the Omnium, but it’s quite possible and even likely that it will drift some.