Quads Super sore during Week 2 of Sustained Build MV

Hello all,
After week and and doing Baird + from Week 2 of Sustained Build MV, I could not even begin Fang Mountain +1 yesterday. Cardio was not an issue. Even during the warmups, my quads burned like hell. My glutes, hamstrings back etc are fine.
Could this be a fit issue? I don’t think, I am overly taxed from doing the Sweet Spot Mid 1 and 2 as the rest was enough. I don’t have any quad pain when walking but going up the stairs I can rally feel it. Avoiding stairs for today.
Hope my quads recover for the Saturday Raymond +7 workout.

I am wondering whether I am over-recruiting my quads.

I’m in my second week of Sustained Power Build Low Volume. Gotta say, it’s kicking my butt. Definitely an upgrade in power and endurance from Sweet Spot.

Yes, it could be a fit and or technique issue. As soon as you feel an overly weak link in the chain somewhere, and you’re not totally new to the sport and just need some adaptation, something might be wrong.

If I were you I’d try to heighten the saddle, close the hip angle and push on the pedals “with the hips and glutes”. If your saddle is low, hip angle too open and you’re stomping with an arched back, you’re loading mainly your quads.

I’m never mcuh more sore in my quads than I am generally in the body, and mentally, no matter what I do.

I am finishing week 3 of SPB LV. I supplement the plan with roughly 200TSS of weekly runs and endurance rides outside. I was worried I would fry my quads as it happened to me last year and led to illness. But it is not happening largely because of my cautious approach to testing and ramping total load.

I think in your case first priority is to take 1-2 days off and fully recover. Perhaps get a massage or at least foam roll and stretch. Second, reduce the intensity: during the O/U workouts by a few %s, and/or replace the Sunday SS workout with tempo or endurance. Third, nutrition and recovery: make sure you replenish glycogen and some protein right after working out. Foam rolling and stretching does wonders for me. Fourth, train with a HRM: if during TH workouts your heart rate shoots well above LTHR, then something is not right…

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