Outside workouts - more structured warmups please

It seems like for most outside workouts the warmup is fairly “unstructured” compared to the indoor version. The effect is usually the same as the indoor workout, but the indoor workout incorporates stepped ranges to achieve that warmup over a similar period.

Eg. Tomorrow’s workout for me is Jacks +3. The indoor warmup is structured as 5 min @ 50% FTP, then 5 min @ 77% FTP, then 3 min @ 97% FTP. For the outdoor version the warmup is ride for 13 min gradually raising your power from 50% FTP to 90% FTP, but on the head unit it’s just a target FTP range for 13 min (you have to mentally figure out how to gradually raise your power).

Even with warmups that would typically include a few efforts rather than just a gradually stepped warmup, the outside workout versions seem to have the typical target range over time rather than directing you through some of those efforts with intervals.

At least that’s the pattern I’ve been used to seeing until earlier this week when I did Mount Alyeska outside. The warmup actually had some efforts/intervals programmed in. It was nice even though it took me a second or two to realize what was going on as I wasn’t expecting it. Can we get this sort of thing programmed into the warmups for more outside workouts?

If we can, I’d also like to have had a “hit lap when ready” to proceed into the effort (similar to what we get with the workout intervals). It would help in making sure I can hit the targets when I have a stretch of road conducive to that effort in front of me.