Question on riding indoor workouts outside

Is it possible to push the indoor version to your Garmin? I really like that the outdoor versions have ‘until lap button’ steps between the interval and rests, but I really don’t like how they nuke all the variation in the workout.

To clarify, workouts with a stepped ramp to warmup have a one ridiculously broad range, when you convert them to outdoor. Why can’t the workout structure just be mirrored for the outdoor version, or at least offer that option?

It’s not only for the warm-ups, some of the workouts (like Baxter) have a broad power range instead of the 1-3 minute segments. But yes, a better warm-up protocol in outside workouts could definitely be improved

A couple of times I’ve recreated the internal workout in TP to do outdoors.

Yeah, I’d actually prefer the indoor versions where there are loads of power changes. Keeps it interesting.

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Just slowly ramp up your power during the warm up and typically outdoor riding has enough variation you don’t need the micro adjustments during intervals that are needed to keep indoor riding interesting. If you want to break up the long intervals just focus on holding your power at the bottom of the range for 3 minutes, then aim for the top range for 3 minutes, then the mid range for 3 minutes

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