Outside Workout - Tips for Urban Areas (esp' London!)

In a recent podcast (ep’ 305 I think), the gang gave some tips on how to take training outside if you live in an urban area, specifically around what types of roads to avoid having to stop during efforts.

I’ve been trying to figure out if this is possible in London (obviously very dense) so looking for more general urban tips from the community but also London specific tips if anyone’s managed to do it. Apart from some of the major parks (Richmond Park and possibly Regent’s Park), I can’t think of anything.

One obvious answer for those in the South, is to head into Kent and Surrey but that’s going to add considerable time to interval training rides and change the nature of the ride altogether.

Thanks folks

It is very possible to train outside in London - indoor workouts are a relatively new phenomenon - people have gotten fit without it.

Outdoor workouts are always going to add more time even if you live right next to Richmond or Regents

Adapt outcome goals of workouts to suit the environment, for example, I do any V02 interval under 3min at Broomfield in Richmond park - Staple Lane or any other steepish climb would work, or inner circle regents but I get dizzy. In fact - I find my V02Max workouts more productive outdoors.

Not sure if this is true but longer the interval, means more wiggle room - if you have to stop for 30 seconds in the middle of a 30min long SS interval, its not the end of the world. Also don’t try to surge to compensate the lap avg watts - just stay within the range.

It takes time - managing power outdoors is super difficult, at least for me, I’d like to think I’d master it in a few years like Chad - adaptations aren’t specific to an exact number - its a range, a bit of fluctuation is fine.
If you prefer outdoor workouts like me - incorporate them - because they will keep you more consistent as a whole. I do think my indoor workouts as a whole feel more time efficient and productive but I find it difficult to keep motivated indoors.

Why apart from Richmond or Regents? Just to mix things up?

There’s some great stuff here, thanks C_Nay. Particularly, tailoring the workout to your available parcour seems to be the key to it. I also get the point around targeting a range rather than a number and I get that one shouldn’t, in general, be too puritanical about an outdoor workouts numbers. It’s the real world so some variance is pretty much inevitable.

No issues with Richmond or Regents - was just trying to think of routes that could be riden without stoppages (accepting Richmond is always chocka and Regents has traffic lights). I’m South East so neither is on my doorstep so I don’t tend to go there unless I have some reason to.