Outside recovery rides after hard workouts?

Are these a good idea?

its a nice and sunny day and I want to ride outside but my legs are shot from doing over/ unders. Will this ruin my recovery?

Depends on intensity and duration of your ride. Keep it 1 hour or less and around 50% of FTP or lower, and it can be a good recovery ride.

Also, consider what is on your schedule for tomorrow. If it’s a hard workout make sure to keep it easy.

If it’s not hard, you might get away with more today.


A sunny day is a terrible thing to waste.

Go ride bikes, figure the rest out later :metal:


Go have fun and remember why you ride.


To hunt and kill.

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I’d keep it easy and head for the outdoors. Just being outdoors can be beneficial in itself.

Are you driving a car? That’s what many drivers seem to have as an objective around here.

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I think he’s saying reaching his objective?

I know. Just kidding. Not a lot of oxygen left in my brain after this morning’s session.

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I bet you say that to all of your competitors. :crazy_face:

To the OP:. How about a skills session?

Def ride outside. Able to breathe through your nose the entire time.

If I do NOT do something like that my legs suffer. Though I am learning how to get same effect swimming (dang falling into the Xterra racing).