First ride in the cold

I’ve been doing SSBMV inside for the past six weeks, and now that i’m in the active recovery week, I thought it would be nice to do a ride outside for a change.

So the past few days, i did a 30 min and a 1 hr ride outside without many problems, but today i rode for 1h30 min outside, and it tool quite the effort to get in the right power zones, but i managed to keep heart rate under control so i thought i would be ok.

Once home and as the rest of the day went by, i felt very tired and had a severe headache. An active recovery workout that i’d do without any problems on the rollers, cost me a good amount of effort to conduct outside.

Not sure if it has anything to do with the first ‘cold’ here in the country (rhis morning was 9 degrees celsius), more than the first ride outside in a really long time?

Just a thought if it was cool and a longer ride - did you drink enough?

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Most of the time i get by with 1 bottle for 1h30, the only difference with my other outside rides is that i haven’t put any isotone drink in it, but this hasn’t caused any problems during longer indoor rides

I mostly ride outside and I can tell you that 1.5 hours has never been an active recovery ride. For me, that is under 40 minutes and forcing myself to ride slow. Any more and it seems to delay recovery from previous days - kicking the recovery can down the road.

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The schedule prescribed a 90 min ride between 65-75% of FTP, so that’s what i did :-). It just feels that much harder on the road than it does on the rollers

That is Z2 but not active recovery (Z1). 90 min trying to put enough force on the pedals (and frankly not more) while your body might need to work extra to keep you warm isn’t easy for me either. Especially during recovery week.

Then why does TR prescribes these kind of rides during active recovery weeks?

Recovery weeks, are just weeks where Trainerroad reduces your weekly TSS by reducing intensity and volume. They still want you to to be active and workout, just not at the same high itensity level as you do in a normal load week.
Trainerroad does not use the term “Active Recovery week”, maybe that is why you might consfuse them with Active Recovery workouts (<55% FTP).


I don’t think 9 C is cold enough to have such an effect. Maybe you went into it pretty fatigued, or you’ve picked up a cold or such? And riding outdoors is obviously more tiring than riding indoors, you have to deal with hills, traffic, potholes etc.

I also see on that my efficiency is way lower on the road (1.4) than on the rollers (1.7), when i always thought that you’re able to push more watts on the road than on the rollers