Adding outdoor rides after training?

Sometimes its nice outside and I don’t want to substitute training or replace it outdoors.

I just want to ride for an hour easy but I’m worried it will effect my training.

Is this a good or bad idea in the long run?

An easy outdoor ride after your normal structured TR will definitely affect your training. In general, you’ll get more fit. So long as you keep these rides easy, pay attention to fatigue, and be mindful of increasing volume too much.

On weekends I do my intervals in the morning then go for 3 hours of z2.

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This is something the pros even do. Dont sweat it and enjoy the chance to reconnect with your bike and being outdoors!
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Do NOT do what the pros do. This is a common mistake, looking at a pro’s training schedule and thinking it’s a secret to success. Pros train like pros (full time job) and rest like pros (full time job). They’re training 15-20+ hours a week and most amateur riders can not follow a pro schedule.

To the OP, if you choose to add in additional outside rides make it recovery or at most z2. Start off small (1 hour) and see how it affects your training. Remember, rest as hard as you train and gains are made during recovery.

Depends whether or not you can keep completing your intervals on the plan. If you can then you’re going to get even fitter than just the plan alone as increasing low intensity volume seems to be highly lauded.

That’s my impression. anyway, I’d love to know what coaches think of it.