Outside planned workout won’t sync to Wahoo Bolt

I did another endurance ride outside and the ride goes straight to the Bolt and never to the companion app, which is fine with me (one less step in the process). Once on the Bolt, it works with all of the prompts etc.


I spoke to Nate from TR. Updated everything, u synced cleared and resynced and it now works. literally had to reconnect everything though?

I have the same issue - I have unpaired, reinstalled app and repaired and still have the same thing. It appears the wahoo app hangs when it’s trying to sync? Did you get it sorted in the end?

I can’t get any workout from TR or TrainingPeaks to show up in the app but when I sync on the Bolt itself through WiFi, they both show up on it. The TrainingPeaks workout show up practically immediately but the TrainerRoad workouts take longer but definitely end up syncing ok.

I have been in touch with TR tech support, the recent wahoo update messed up the syncing of outdoor rides, they are working with wahoo and will let us know.

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Guess I’m lucky i got my outdoor workout to sync today. I’ve only done it a few times ever but I’m always worried the sync won’t work.

Well that explains why my workout was not showing up today and it said workouts from “This Week” were dated May 1 & 3.

Have you authorised and re-authorised the the wahoo app and TR app?

I was told to de auth and re auth the ride sync on TR, I deleted and reinstalled the wahoo app and repaired my bolt with my phone, nothing is working, there is some kind of an issue on wahoos end, their app isn’t pulling the TR workout.

Same issues here - my outside workouts are not showing up on my element. I logged out and then back in both TR, Wahoo, and trainer road to try to resolve.

After not working on Friday, my Saturday workout showed up no problems and without doing anything on my end.

I had the same issue back in January. It fixed itself after about a week and I just confirmed I can still Push workouts from the android app and over Wifi. With that being said double check everything is up to date. App and bolt. Try rebooting your phone. The unlinking and linking didn’t help me at all but I guess it’s worth a shot. Other than that my only advice is to cross your fingers and wait for an update.

This is exactly right, and we are working with Wahoo to resolve this as quickly as possible.

For the fastest updates on this issue, please reach out to our Support Team to report that you are experiencing this bug. This helps us track the issue, and update everyone who has experienced an issue when we have a solution :+1:.


Hi Bryce - I have experienced this issue. I am not able to sync my outdoor workouts to an element.

I got some TR help and they were great! So for my Bolt, if you go to the planned workout screen it’s not there. But don’t worry! It possibly is! When you sort by schedule, it shows up for me! It’s really weird like that - hope it works out for you!


Thanks - carosemena. I tried that trick with no luck today.


I will say I did update the Bolt and uninstall/reinstall the companion app. Wahoo had an update as of last week!

I just tried this for the first time today. It got hung up. I downloaded the software update for the Bolt. It still got hung up. Just rode my bike on a beautiful day, which counts as a win.

I’ve been in contact with TR and Wahoo support. I can confirm what @Bryce said, it’s an ongoing issue that they’re aware of and working on.

I do, however have a workaround—if you sync from your wahoo, while on wifi, it will pull the workout. It seems to be a problem with the app showing the workouts, and not necessarily syncing them to the head unit. Hope this helps.


Same happened to me yesterday. In the app, no go. On the head unit, no problem getting the workout up and running.