Outside foot pain (in summer)

I get a lot of pain in ouside of my feets after about 90min of riding… I have a really wide feets but I don’t have that pain in winter and I don’t know why… maybe because in summer I’m wearing flip-flops all the time and that makes my feets even wider?

I have Lake wide shoes for road and Sidi mega for mtb/gravel. It happens on all bikes and I did bike fit…

I don’t know what to do and I would appreciate any help or advice…

Id guess your feet swell in the heat, happens to me on long longer summer rides. Fine in the winter

Is there anything to do regarding this?

Footbeds might help but for some people (myself included) they’re never comfortable.

They should be! If they’re not then they probably aren’t the right ones for you, but something else might be.

@blind76, could be an alignment issue - for example if your hips are externally rotated this will put greater pressure on the outside edges of your feet. Try pulling your knees in as close as you can to the toptube, or use some lateral (outside) cleat wedges (might be worth getting a decent bike fitter to look at you before you try this one).

As above mentioned, feet get bigger in heat.

Cool your torso and limbs can help as the feet are stuck in your shoes and have a harder time dissipating heat. I find that squirting some water on lower legs and/or sock cuffs can help but just be cautious to avoid (too much) water getting down in the shoes themselves.

Apart from that - thinner, cooler socks, more vents in the shoes. And heat acclimation

yep… when I do that I feel much more balanced pressure on my feets.

I was fitted (Retul by experienced fitter) last autumn and I was riding the whole winter and spring without problems and now have it.

I have had this problem since ever, but fitting solved it for a some time… but if I remember correctly it is every summer but I don’t remember having it by winter…

Correct. I should have been more clear.

I’ve just given up finding a comfortable set of footbeds and have tried about a dozen different kinds over the years, including fully customized. Each person needs to find what works for them and sometimes it’s a lot of trial and error.

Could well be swelling then.

Indeed. As someone who makes and fits all sorts of orthotic devices, I can confirm some people are happy with anything (including literally wearing their insoles on the wrong feet), and some people never get truly comfortable with anything.


I’m suffering from this as well. After years of no issues, now it seems like any ride 3+ hours lights my right foot on fire. I’ve tried lowering my saddle but that just messes up my left knee, so I think I’ll try to work with a fitter and maybe get a shim or wedge on that right foot. It’s very frustrating because I have narrow feet (90mm last) and I’m using shoes with plenty of width.

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Perhaps you pronate slightly? Try adjusting your pedal stance (washer, or move cleats inward bit by bit to test) to see if a wider stance reduces the outer foot pressure.
Insoles are often overlooked as well. Good arch support will help redistribute the load under prolonged power and should help provide relief.

As someone with massive arches, I’ve always had a tendency to pronate- wider pedal stance + proper arch support remedied this for me…

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