Painful feet in summer


I have really wide feet and I’m using wide shoes but I always have problems with outside of the both feet in summer. Even If I feel comfortable in first hour and if it feels like shoes are fine after an hour or two I’m starting to have a lot of pain… Sometimes I have nausea from the pain…

I don’t have this problems outside of the summer…

Is there anything I can do about it?

Go up a size, if you can. Your foot is probably swelling. Proper footbed is also key.

A couple tums will kill the pain for about 45 minutes. That’s an old randonneur trick that I thought had to be complete garbage until it worked for me.

Tri slide on the entire foot or hot spots can also help.

I found that metatarsal pads and anything in my shoe designed to relieve pressure made things worse once my foot started to swell, but they help some people.


Can you explain this one? Not sure that I understand what “tums” is.

Lake makes Wide and Extra Wide shoes that may be an option. I use Wide, but also have to loosing the Boa a click or two when my feet start to swell.

I have Lakes wide (238), Shimano 901 wide, Fizik infinito wide and sidi mega… and have problems with all of them…

Tums, the chewable antacid tablets. Makes zero sense to me why it would work, but it seems to and it’s low risk. Given that your pain is just one part of your foot, it sounds like a shoe fit problem that would be fixed by a different size shoe or insole.

Bigger shoes and greasy feet were the ultimate solution for me for ultra racing.

Maybe check your arch support. Simple process to see if you’re at one of the extremes:

Custom insoles, make sure your foot has the correct support.


I had a similar thread a few weeks ago and am heading to podiatrist today. There was some good info there that maybe could help!

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Please leave some info after your visit.

Please ask them if it would good to get rid of the “dead skin” from the side of the feet (last metatarsal)?
I have a big stage race in two weeks so I’m afraid to test this now :slight_smile:

It was a neuroma for me…opted for a cortisone shot and will see what happens. I’d see if you can get in with a good podiatrist ASAP.

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I have been getting real sore feet when riding my bike when the outside temp is above 100℉/38℃ . Any ideas?

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In addition to above, move the cleats back, wear SPD sandals, loosen the straps at front, and take your shoes off when stopped. Pouring some water on the socks will help as well to reduce the swelling that occurs from heat.

Hot foot is a well known condition in ultra cycling.

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