Outside adaptive training warmup & cooldown

According to TR support page on “How does Extending Workout Duration Affect Adaptive Training?” the session recording has to be only of the planned activity.
According to the TR YT blog “Deep Dive: How To Use TrainerRoad for Outdoor Workouts (Ask a Cycling Coach 305)” there is no problem to do longer warmups and cooldowns.

Now, I ride to and from the workout location and I used to separate those rides by adding a lap before and after the plan.
Is the proper way for precise adaptation calculations to make each segment (to, workout, back) a completely separate ride on my Wahoo?
By doing that you actually upload 3 rides to TR (with only the appropriate associated with the plan).

AT at the moment only recognises an outside workout as done or not done and uses your survey response to do a rudimentary analysis, theres no detailed analysis, so it doesn’t really matter. What I tend to do is have one gps track. Ride to the start, start/complete the workout and leave the computer running till I am home. It just leads to a less cluttered calendar/ strava feed having one gps track.