Outdoor Workouts pushed to Wahoo Elmnt Bolt and subsequent ride analysis


I am loving being able to send my workouts to my Wahoo Elmnt Bolt and do them outside. I find it fantastic. I am aware of the function that lets you in effect pause the workout (however it keeps recording the ride in the background), and you can FFWD and Rewind to start intervals when you’re ready and this then creates laps in your file. So I am using this function to start my intervals at an appropriate time.

When I then use the ride analysis tool in TrainerRoad after the fact, it doesn’t seem to sync up the newly created lap timings intervals, but rather keeps the original timings of the original workout as if it were done indoors on a trainer, and hence the interval data is no longer correct. However… when I look at my data in Training Peaks, it is correct in terms of the newly created intervals as it is using lap data.

Is this a bug in the TrainerRoad Ride Analysis Tool when pushing your workouts outdoors?

PS, love the podcast too.

Wollongong, Australia