Indoor Training versus Outdoor Training

Really curious about this… so I am training with Trainer Road thru the Winter, Love it!. (no butt’s). When it comes to transition to outdoor riding, ‘the wheels come off the bus’, I either go out to fast, too hard, combination of both, and I think, how can i have already gotten ‘spent’… I don’t have a power meter, but do ride with cadence and heart rate…,
So my question is "How do I continue that same ‘controlled’ or guided workout, but outdoors, looking forward to anything and appreciative. -Joe

Use a power meter or learn how to ride to RPE.

  • Use your time inside to teach yourself what each power level and training zone feels like. Learn the basic RPE (as mentioned) so you can then apply similar feeling and control outside.

  • This is a skill which must be learned and improved over time. There is no innate ability to set these effort levels, so attention and targeted practice are necessary.

Here is some reading on the topic:

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Heart rate has roughly a 30-sec lag, and if you know lactate threshold heart rate you can do good work on longer steady intervals, like 60 minutes of aerobic endurance or 10 minutes of sweet spot.

Its not as good as power but on my old commute I used to train to %max HR.

Not related to measuring the intensity in some kind of way, but for me it really helps to set my goal for the ride before I head out. When I clip in and I’m determined to do an easy ride, I do an easy ride. When I’m going on a ride with no clear goal in mind, I usually end up putting down the hammer at some point - because it’s fun after all - but maybe not very productive.

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