Outdoor workouts and Hills

So when I go uphill and I’m prescribed Zone 1 (especially) or Zone 2, I can barely go up some hills. I drop my speed to like 8-10kmh. It’s almost hard to even balance the bike.

More than anything it’s mentally extremely boring. Plus I train during commutes - so it adds time.

If I stood up and pedaled (I love standing and climbing) at like even RPE 4-5 my watts are about 250-275. My active recovery is calling for under 125 watts.

How bad will I mess up my workouts if I just do a few hills way above what I’m supposed to be doing power-wise? If I just always do it like consistently would it just balance out?

(Not training for anything other than fitness).

Thank you!!

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No biggie. There’s nothing magic about staying strictly in a “zone.” Just ride & keep it chill.

Yeah, don’t worry about the extra efforts making the workout “not count” or anything like that. Just make sure you allow yourself some extra recovery time if it makes things significantly harder. And given a little time, your fitness absolutely will start to catch up and those hills will start becoming easier.

Get bigger (easier) gears :wink:

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