Smoothing out Power - Outside

Hey all, would love some insight coaching on this. I live in a pretty hilly area of the country Western NC area. I have a hard time with outside workouts when it comes to sustaining power. I usually have a pretty big delta between my average and normalized power. I mainly ride MTN Bikes but see this on the road as well. Any tips or drills to help with this would be most welcomed.

Short of finding more suitable terrain for your intervals, all you can really do is hold the brakes and pedal downhill to keep on the power. Or find one relatively flat stretch and ride back and forth on it.


IME some WO’s are better than others. You can try to find a similar one that will work better with the terrain, or you can use a HR monitor to keep longer intervals in zone as much as possible.
That was the advice I was given here for outdoor WO’s on the MTB.

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