Outdoor Low Rest Watts between Efforts and Watts question

I’ve been trying to squeeze in as many outdoor longer weekend training sessions with TR on my Garmin head unit. Two questions:

When I rest between efforts it’s like 87 watts. It’s almost impossible for me to figure out how to get 87 watts with my Stages dual sided power meter. Typically it stays around 100-115. Even if I go to my biggest rear gear (1x11).

Also, when doing TR plans outdoors is the goal to get an Average Lap watts in the target range or keep the 3s watts in the target range. Indoors on ERG it keeps me at a specific wattage, but garmin give me a range.

Anyway, thanks in advance for advice

For rest intervals just spin easy and don’t worry about the watts. You can even back pedal.

For work intervals, depending on the workout, you’ll want to target a number, so use 3 second avg. You don’t want big swings in power that then average a target number. Also you are hitting particular systems so if you stray too far from the target you could be doing something other then the intended workout.

For longer intervals (SS) and z2 rides you have a little more freedom to float within that particular zone and don’t need to necessarily target an exact number.