Out of the saddle issues

Just started Trainerroad and have been enjoying it. An issue I have is when I come out of the saddle. My bike just start shacking. I’m using a mountain bike with a non-smart CycleOps Fluid 2 and the CycleOps climbing rise bike for the front. My bike has front shocks, which may be the issue but every time I come out of the saddle I’m not sturdy. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Are you shifting into harder gears when you stand?

If not, that may be related. Standing cadence often feels best around 55-75rpm cadence, while seated ranges higher around 85-105rpm.

So, shifting 2-3 cogs harder is common and can help prevent runaway cadence.

Have you locked out the Shock.
The clamping of the back wheel needs to be tight to stop it flexing around.(Critical)
Is the rear skewer fitting correctly, some trainers require a specific wheel skewer to fit male /female arrangement.

Like the previous comment, Cadence 50-60RPM


Thank you both. Will give them a try.

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