Setting up turbo trainer and ramp test

Hiya! I’ve just set up a turbo trainer and attempted a first ramp test. Was wabbling side ways as I pedal faster, and the tyre resistance seemed very low, and even lighter the faster I pedal. Is that normal? Or is my bike fit off?
Many thanks :pray:

What trainer?

Hi mixc. it’s kicker snap, I’ve reset it up again after watching a YouTube video. Theres better resistance, not sure if thatll fix the hip wabbling… I’ll have another go at it in a bit… I never noticed this when I’m cycling outside :no_mouth:??

what is your cadence like indoors to outside?

if your hips are really rocking from side to side (and not the bike rocking) then it’s possible that your seat is too high.

I had a Kickr Snap for several years. They are good, heavy, solid trainers and shouldn’t be wobbling. Give the tyre knob 2 full turns once contact has been made.

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Could be a couple of things… make sure you’re using consistent tire pressure every time you ride (this is for consistent resistance/power estimate), and make sure there’s “just the right amount” (ha!) of pressure between the tire and the flywheel. I know my CycleOps fluid trainer takes a little bit for the resistance to ramp up as the fluid heats. That being said, my guess on the wobble is that you might be using too high of a cadence at the moment. Riding the trainer definitely feels different than outdoors, if for no other reason than there’s no lateral sway of the bike (and if the bike doesn’t sway, it would make sense that the body would instead).

In addition to what’s been said above regarding “swaying”, also ensure your trainer and bike are on an even and solid surface. If a portion of the trainer is higher/lower than another point the trainer will rock. Also, if you are on carpet or a squishy mat this will add to rocking.

Regarding cadence and power, ensure you’re in at least 3 seconds smoothing and don’t chase power targets. Let Erg do it’s thing and just focus on a consistent cadence (85-95 recommendation). A trainer is a more consistent strain on the legs then you’re likely used to outside so don’t raise your cadence artificially because it feels uncomfortable. The trainer feeling is something you’ll have to get used to.

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I have no idea… never measured…

Have you followed the Wahoo setup instructions for mounting the bike in the trainer? The clamp width is adjustable, and it sounds like you maybe didn’t have it tight enough which might lead to the wobble you mention.

Yes I have set it up as mentioned. Had another go at the test. The resistance is much better, and almost completed the test, if I didn’t change gears I might have completed the full 25mins :sweat_smile: I think it might really be the saddle height… there’s still a bit of imbalance after adjusting to a lower cadence. No not the bike wobbling, but my hips … it feels like I’m hovering ever so slightly from side to side… it’s very minimal, after adjusting. Maybe Its my pedaling technique?!
Should I maintain the same gear through out the whole test, to avoid dropping power and having to restart the test? :sweat_smile:

If you are testing in ERG mode, avoid shifting if at all possible. Unless you have a very high FTP, the Snap is likely to provide all the resistance you need.

Do choose the gearing for your test that you expect to be using for your training, especially if you plan to train in ERG mode. It’s about having consistency between testing and training.

It’s impossible for us to say without video. You are discussing a fitting issue, and those are hard to handle via remote means like this. It is possible, but takes some extra efforts and steps that are best saved for a separate topic.

Ah ERG… I’m not sure it was on, I didn’t check nor set it up.

Cool thanks for all your advice! Super helpful :grinning: I’ll check whether ERG modes is on for my next session :blush: is there a cadence measuring function on the kicker?

No, the Snap does not offer Cadence. You need a separate sensor for that.

Ah oki. Will have a little search for one, is it an essential metric though?

  • Not really in most cases, but some people care about it more than others. Personal preference really.