Oranges for mid-ride fueling?

Hey all,
I’m just about to hop on the trainer for my next session this morning. I’m in the process of filling up bottles and grabbing gels/drinks for the ride and noticed a pile of oranges in our fruit bowl. I’ve never tried oranges mid-ride before and I’m wondering if they would be any good? I don’t imagine the acid would be of much help, but I’ve never heard anyone saying anything about them. It’s worth mentioning this would be only indoors…carrying a big lump and peeling it while riding sounds miserable :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not seriously considering making oranges a staple-it’s more of a “hey, I never thought about this before!” thing. Cheers!

Juice not worth the squeeze. Only 12 g of carbs in an orange. Would take 3 oranges to equal two medjool dates.

I can’t see 1 being a big issue, though it also won’t provide huge amounts of fuel, either. Multiple oranges might be an issue with acidity. There’s also the stickiness factor :rofl:

Do you have a blender that you could make some fresh orange juice with? I think that, diluted with some water and some added electrolytes, might be a not-bad workout drink.

I can imagine having orange juice running down my sweaty arms and onto the bike. Okay, scared me away from the idea. It wasn’t a serious idea to add to my nutrition, just a fun thought. That being said, they are very tart and sweet and might offer more of a mental fueling benefit than anything else. The bright, juicy flavors could help pick you up after a hard interval (assuming you actually fuel along with it).

I really have to stay away from acidic foods when riding hard. Citrus fruits aren’t the easiest on the stomach.

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I can imagine overdoing it would lead to a rapid and unintended purge from either end during vo2 workouts :laughing:

Half-time oranges at football…

Tbh if you want a refreshing taste, why not. The nutritional value isn’t very high though.

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Big fan of dates here. Just line them up and every rest period scoff one to two (depending on length of interval).

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When I did the Mallorca 312, I did so after coming down with heat stroke (threw up dinner and breakfast) 193 miles on an empty stomach is advisable. I was strong till around 130 miles then died for the next 30 until I passed a farmer giving out oranges. They sure brought me back to life and finished quite strong :+1:

Whilst oranges are great for you, I wouldn’t rely on them for fuelling a training session on there own.