Option for no power numbers… overcome psychological hurdles…

I wondered if it would be possible to have trainerroad workouts without showing power numbers?

Sometimes my head says ‘You can’t do that’ but my body says ‘yes you can’

Taking away the power numbers both to be achieved and actual could prevent this and provide a nice surprise at the end of your workouts

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Are you talking just about digital display values (ex: 278w) or the graph and lines too?

I need to search on PC, but we maybhave an existing feature request that I will merge.

Leave the graph in… but take out any power numbers showing on screen.

Insulating tape and Post-it notes were invented for this purpose. :grin:


You can do it for heart rate by just touching it on the app so maybe wouldn’t be a big dev effort.

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I’ll pass this along to the team for their consideration!

This is not a bad idea in the meantime!

I didn’t know that.

I’ve just tried it and that’s a game changer!

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I had requested it as a new feature on a thread here around 18/24 months ago (as had some others). Then one day I noticed that the functionality was available! Must have missed any announcement on it.

For me it is for ramp tests that I wanted it. I found myself mentally bailing at a certain HR, even if I could probably go further. Now I just look at the result after without any anxiety during RT.

TR delivers again!