Opinions? Potentially Odd Tire Wear on New Pirellis

Hey all-
I have a “new” set of Pirelli PZero Race TLR SL with 1100 miles (1770KM) on them. I’ve noticed that a “seam” has developed on both front and rear tires on both sidewalls of each. The image included here is the only part of either tire that has some “thread” that has pulled away. Both tires are running inner tubes inflated consistently to 85psi in front and 90psi in rear. I’m 184lbs (83kg) if that matters.

Does anyone have an opinion on what this is and if this is normal to happen?


I have been running Pirelli PZero clinchers for about 3 years (or whenever they were introduced). Mine all do the same thing, and it doesn’t seem to cause any problems. FWIW, I run 85psi front/rear on mine. I’m 63kg

is that a piece of thread coming out? :exclamation:

@Jack_Russell_Racing thanks for letting me know as well as your psi / weight. I’ve run them at lower pressure and didn’t like how they felt.

@iamholland yes. Not sure how else to describe it but that thread is coming out of the tire where that seam has formed.

Was going to go full tubeless in these but not so sure now. For the price and brand, I would expect better.

I’d snip off the thread with a clipper rather than pull on it. Grand Prix 3000s used to do this.

thanks. I haven’t pulled on it or snipped anything yet. But I agree with you. Thanks for letting me know about GPs.

If you bought them at a shop, it may be easy to get a new one under warranty.

good suggestion. checking with the dealer as well as have an email into Pirelli.

4000s too.

I’ve run 4000s for years, and now 5000s, and thought this was totally normal.


Yup. Happens to my 5000s too.

Here is another thread (there are many) that discusses:

With this:

It’s common with Contis.

The threads come from the edge of a fabric strip that’s stuck on to protect the tyre casing from the rim hook.
Conti stick the strip on last, so it’s on top and the edge is exposed; other brands put it on earlier so there’s a rubber layer on top that stops the edge losing threads.

Just snip the threads off.

I can’t vouch for its veracity though.


Thanks @bclarkson and everyone else - read that thread and appear to be the exact same issue. I’ll post back when I hear from the dealer (who was checking with their Pirelli Rep) and/or direct email back from Pirelli. Perhaps these answers can help others looking in the future as well.