Continental 5000TL Sidewall Delaminating

I’ve been riding Conti 5000TL’s 700x28 for about a year, and a couple of months ago I noticed the front tire was shedding some kind of string. Never seen anything like it before or found anything via Google on this. I immediately changed the tire with a new one, with safety being my first concern.

Just last week, the rear started to do the same thing. I have 2 more of these tires as I bought a few while they were on sale from competitive cyclist, so i’ll be putting a new one on the rear this weekend.

I love these tires. They grip well, are comfortable, and haven’t flatted in the year i’ve had them, but can’t keep replacing them as they aren’t cheap, even when on sale. They have plenty of meat left on them, I keep the PSI 60 front, 65 rear even during the winters while i’m stuck on the trainer. These are installed on a carbon wheel tubeless setup using Orange Seal endurance formula.

Has anybody seen this before? I’ve tried to contact their warranty support, but haven’t had a response from them after sending them 4 emails.

I don’t have any personal experience with this problem but…

I was reading about the new tan-wall Contis that have just been released and there was a lot of comments (on Facebook I think) from owners of non-tan-sidewall models making comments that suggested that the sidewalls on their contis were less than stellar! I don’t know if they were experiencing the same problems as you, but it’s fair to say there are a few unhappy customers.

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same thing happens to me and I asked around it seems to be a common issue with contis, I just break it off when I see it, maybe someone here knows why this happens

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That’s a shame. I’ve been considering switching to the Schwalbe Pro One’s, but I hear they don’t offer the same puncture protection that Conti offers.

That’s what I did with the rear when I saw the string coming off. Took some scissors and snipped it off right at the sidewall. Since I have a new replacement, i’m going to swap it out, but really hope it doesn’t happen again.

Dont sweat it. It’s happened on multiple sets of GP4000s for me. Every time I just yank/snip it off, and continue riding for thousands of miles. I wouldnt worry too much about it IMO.


Happened to me, but it just kept getting worse until the tires were completely coming apart. I was able to warranty them and switched to Pro1. I like the Pro1’s much better.

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I had the same experience with my 4000. Now I have the 5000. IMHO, you don’t have to worry about it

Yep its happened to all the G5K TL tyres I’ve owned… doesn’t fill me with confidence either.

I warranty replaced the first pair and thought it was a bad batch but now my new set are doing it.

edit: i dealt with warranty through the shop rather than direct with conti…

Once i’m through this new set of tires, i’m probably going to switch to the Pro Ones. Would you say the puncture protection is on par with the Conti 5000tl?

No confidence here anymore either. I was hoping it was a bad batch, but it appears to be a pretty common issue from everybody posting here. I bought the first set from Amazon, and the seller sent me one replacement, but told me i’m SOL on the second one. Guess i’ll buy from the LBS next time, even if its a bit more expensive just to get the confidence of any kind of warranty.

Out of interest how did you find fitting the tyres initially?

Mine were hard work due to them being super tight and I wondered if I damaged them while fitting somehow?

Have seen this on multiple gp5000tls. Just trimmed a couple inches of those loose threads once or twice with scissors when it was visible. Have ridden three of them down to point of casing starting to show with no failures or flats over 10k miles total.

They’re tough to mount, but manageable. I used 3 plastic tire levers to get them on the wheels. I would say it only took a few minutes to get the tire on the wheel. My hands were a little sore and red afterwards, especially my thumbs. I’ve heard wearing leather work gloves helps, although I’ve not tried it.

That’s reassuring to hear. Maybe i’ll hold off on changing the rear tire out for now. Not too concerned with it safety wise being on the rear.

I had the same problem with 5000TL last year - first time I had gone for tubeless. After contacting the supplier and being reassured by them I got this from Continental UK

Hi xxxxxxxx
It is not “normal” but isn’t a cause for major concern, I would recommend snipping of the loose thread and continuing to use monitoring them periodically.

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I rode the Raid Alpine with them and have just replaced the rear tyre after 7500km as it was worn out. Front is still good

sorry to hijack this thread, my gp 5000 sidewalls have started showing some of the stitching/thread?

anyone have any experience with this?

Mine look like that at certain angles and lighting. If you look at the last picture in the first post on this thread, you can kind of see the same thing that you’re talking about.

I’m not thrilled with their customer support here in the US either.