GP5000 sidewall leak

Any reason why this would be normal? Mounted up, no sealant to start, went around the block and this is what I found.

Yup, I suspect this is a non “TL” tire:


TL (Tubeless)


Excuse the blurry photo, definitely TL


Interesting. I’ve seen some of that on various tires over the years, mainly MTB stuff, so not sure what is typical in road setups or this tire in particular. It’s possible that they are doing thinner side wall material for performance, and letting the sealant handle the rest.


I’ve seen it in my MTB tires, but only ones with many miles. I was just surprised that it is doing this as a brand new tire. I’ll throw some sealant in it and report back. I’m curious to know how well they will hold up now. Thanks all for your responses

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What pressure? Sometimes it works to lower the pressure so it seals the sidewall without pushing the sealant through.

Eventually it will [should] stop weeping.

I didn’t have this issue on mine. Hope it’s goes away though!

This does happen on my mtb tires though. Seems normal?


Max pressure was 80psi, the air leaks out to zero.

This is also prior to adding sealant. The bubbles are just soapy water.

Throw your sealant in there and you’ll be good.

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Yeah, throw your sealant in there. It clogs the pores.

The only real worry is that you have the tape on there good and tight. If you don’t, you’ll get slow leak around the spokes. That’s about 98% of all tubeless problems. The other 2% is old sealant on the tire bead so that it won’t seat.

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Hmmm. Seems unusual to me but I’m no TL expert.

I do remember reading this in the Bicycle Tire Rolling Resistance review. If they do indeed have a liner I wouldn’t expect to see what you picture shows. Maybe it has something to do with the soapy water.

The GP 5000 TL doesn’t require the use of tire sealant to seal the tire as it comes with an inner liner that seals the tire.

Bicycle Tire Rolling Resistance Review of the 5000 TL

Sealant added, no change. Likely a manufacturing defect. Return and replacement have been processed.


Bummer, sorry for your luck. Hopefully the replacements will be good to go.

Wow very surprising sealant wouldn’t help that given the size of the holes. Sorry to hear that.

My 5000TLs sealed up tight as a drum. Those definitely seem defective. I love these tires so I’d try again.

I wonder if they just messed up and labeled a non-TL with the TL marking and shipped the “wrong version”? Or could be some other manufacturing related issue.

Is it simple enough to tell the differences? I purchased both tires at the same time and only had issues with this one.

I’m not giving up yet, so far really like them, but that experience is very limited. I also like all of the positive feedback so I was surprised when I ran into this issue.

Not sure, but I would expect a notable difference in feel of the sidewall, with likely more rubber and thickness on the TL version. But that is a guess based on experience with other brands and models that I have used, and not sure that is true for the 5000?

Try weighing if you have a scale. I haven’t looked up the specifics, but tubed vs TL should weigh differently.

Edit: 215 vs 300 grams. Should be easy to tell with a scale.