Online running race pace comparison page?

Can y’all recommend any web pages where you enter a race time for a given distance, and it tells you how fast you are among your same sex, your age group, all runners, and so on?

Not your typical “pace calculator” but something where I say I ran a 39:06 5K, and it says that time is in the 10th percentile among all runners, and Nth percentile among men, and so on…

I don’t know about a page that aggregates this, but I would just go to a large mass participation race and do the math there. A major city 10k/ half will have times available and participant numbers so it should give you a good sample of the general population.

Maybe …

It’s not precisely what you’re after, but have a search for WAVA, which is age graded standards. has a calculator and several other leagues that may be of interest.

Athlinks might work for you…

I don’t use it anymore since now you have to pay for something, but it’s a race aggregator. You can add all of your races since the collect all available publis results…

This is what my page say… Not sure if that compare to all at people or just vs registered people who have claim results.

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TrainingPeaks introduced this recently, you can set time/ distance parameters for cycling power/ running pace and it will tell you where you lie on the distribution of their users. I would think that population skews towards the right side of the distribution of all athletes, but it still feels right and matches with where I typically finish in a race at that distance.

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I think this one is different. This app actively look at race results all over!
Then it will show you potential matches based on your age and name.
You claim results from there. Its all from the “official” results.

Ah I didn’t mean to reply to you but OP! Didn’t know that athlinks had that feature, I can’t quite put my finger on when, but I feel like their site got really hard to use.

The standard is to look up your age-graded time. Here’s a calculator and introduction from Runner’s World.

I volunteered at the Hartshorne Masters Mile this year here in Ithaca and got to witness the setting of a new American record!

Thanks for all the responses. I’m looking at all of the options given and will check them out carefully, then come back with some sort of summary or comments. But no matter what, thanks for taking the time to respond and help out!