Garmin Edge Lap Pace Functionality?

I’m coming up on an endurance MTB race where we will be racing multiple laps of the same course. It would be fantastic if my Garmin Edge 830 would have a data field that is equivalent to their running products’ “Lap Pace” so I can meter my effort appropriately as power really isn’t the best in the MTB world. Anyone know if this can be accomplished? I’d love to be able to set the lap distance and have the lap time calculated in that data field. Thanks!

I don’t run cause it’s horrible, so don’t know what Lap Pace is exactly. You can set an auto lap based on distance or position. Auto Laps

You can also set up a data field for Lap Speed, and look to maintain the same average speed for each lap. I have used this for endurance mtb races.

The lap page can show different metrics like lap speed, power, etc.

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I’m guessing you mean something other than power, hr, or average speed? But like what?


On the running devices they have the “Lap Pace” data field that basically will take the lap distance you set ahead of time, divide that by your average speed and then give you the estimated lap pace in time. This would be helpful for my ultra endurance lap-based events!

I’ve been playing with creating a workout to mimic this functionality, but I wanted to see if anyone had come up with this in a more elegant way that Garmin thinks is worthy of being on their cycling devices!

So kinda like something that says how much ahead or behind your fastest lap or target lap or average lap or whatever? As in you’re busting along but look down and it says “+ 2 sec” and you know you’re running 2 seconds behind your fastest lap? I had something like that in my car during my extremely brief track days. That would be nice to have. But is it what you’re talking about?


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Lap Pace doesn’t take the planned distance, it simply tells you your pace (in running cases minutes per mile/km) for the lap so far. Lap speed is the same thing just with speed instead of pace.