Garmin Pacepro (running)

Does anyone here use this feature? I’m in the market for a new running Street l watch and it looks good. Don’t think any competitors offer anything similar. Looking for real world opinions or any alternative…

I have used it for races, but my watch doesnt support it. so i model the race on website then set up a workout with the 1k interval paces and use that - works well.

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Yeah i used the data before and wrote it on a bit of paper!

Pretty handy feature that I for sure haven’t taken full advantage of.

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I tried looking at it for Brighton marathon but the paces were basically the same every km give or take 2s and the same as I had planned anyway.

I haven’t looked at it otherwise.

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I used it twice to test it out on a Parkrun. It got me 2 PBs. My problem was that I always set off too fast and this feature really helped with the pacing.

Great info thanks. When I used the half marathon places and wrote them down I also good a pb. There’s afenix 6for only £300 on Amazon right now I think I’ll swing for that

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Was going to use it to run my marathon but decided to use projected finish time instead. TBH, I think I could have benefited from pacepro near the end when it became very taxing to maintain sufficient pace.

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I think the whole point is that you pace it from the start so you don’t get to that stage.

I’m pretty sure my drop in pace was due to glycogen depletion. You could argue that’s still a pacing issue, but I’m inclined to see it as a fuelling issue. My drop in pace was 5s/km during the final 2k. Not massive.

The tricky thing is, unless you’ve run a marathon, how do you know what pace to choose? That was my dilemma. Instead I aimed to run the first half in 90mins, which would be ~6min slower than the fasted half marathon I could run. Next I would run the second half at a similar pace and then push during the final 5k. What happened was a 90m3s first half and a 90m6s second half.

I ran the whole thing to RPE, I just occasionally used my watch to tell me if I was on track for 3hrs. For me personally, I find the incessant beeping distracting, telling me I’m too slow or too fast.

Over the duration of the race I’m constantly asking myself how I’m feeling, do I need water, do I need a gel, is this pace sustainable? That only broke down at 2k from the end when RPE increased to 8 and beyond, I was in survival mode. My thinking became foggy and difficult, hence why a PacePro might have helped.

Unless I discover something different between now and this time next year, I’m inclined to run my future races exactly how I have run my half and full distance marathons thus far.