Coached, moving to TR

I post this with the greatest respect to everyone involved as there’s maybe a danger of being misunderstood!

I’d like to hear of anyones experience going from being Coached, to using TR’s Planner. I’ve had a great year with weight loss and FTP gains but with three years of being coached under my belt I’m still top 20 XCM at best - I appreciate its not magic. Admittedly there’s been no racing this year to test out my new increases and weight, but I’m wondering now that I have enough knowledge and resources to move to TR to plan and manage my season which will be a 8/10th of the cost.

I’d welcome your thoughts. I used TR many years ago in its infancy but am not up to speed with its current ability.


One existing discussion with a few related comments:


I think one big thing you loose going from personal coach to TR is the accountability. You don’t actually have to look Chad in the eye and explain why you bailed a workout or try and convince him that the mid-week chain-gang was really a recovery spin.

Other than that though I think you get a very good portion of the benefits but at a fraction of the cost.

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I was coached previously but when I had my role made redundant I cut that back and got a trial of TR to keep me ticking over. Despite that I probably went into a bit of a decline (just not carb loading to the same degree), definitely did decline when the trial ended. I’ve hopefully got things sorted out and I’ve went into a solid 3weeks of TR and it seems to be moving me back in the right direction judging from my non wind assisted PRs on local bumps on Monday :+1: