One structured workout a week

For the last couple years I have been following TrainerRoad plans inside in the winter but once the weather gets nice I switch to just riding outside. Mostly I follow the training plans to get stronger with no specific goals or races.
I have not been doing any outside workouts as a lot of my outside riding is just for enjoyment and the places I ride are not suitable for them. I currently ride 3-4 days & 5-9 hours a week outside.
I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to change one of my weekly rides to being a TrainerRoad outside workout? If so what type of workouts would be recommended?

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Hi, same here, but this year I have bee trying 1 or 2 outside workouts a week. But I have to say it s not easy.
First suggestion, do it alone! Unless you have a friend with an equivalent w/kg, training plan and personal performance objectives. A group ride will enevitably veer off the workout objectives

Second, find at least 2 safe training area suited for 1 - short/high intensity intervals (local climb for example) 2 - longer steady efforts (stretch of road or loop with little traffic). Do make sure you can stay focused during the intervals but maintain safety even on the road.

Third, commitment is key.
Summer is more fun but structure takes a toll. That workout will blend great with the longer group rides and ensure you maintain and maybe improve throughout the year.

RIDE on!

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Following this topic. Did 8 weeks of structured workouts thanks to the covid lockdown. First time in my life. Now, outdoor riding has started again, and I just ride. Mostly endurance, and once a week some 30/30 intervals. Want to do some structured workouts outdoors.

Do what makes you happy, as you don’t have to follow a plan.
Do you have a goal? As that is something you could work on.
Any areas of weakness, perhaps work on those?