Oh Oh Nate! new bike day?

Just realized that it has a BSA bottom bracket according to the Specialized website, looks like at least down through the Force AXS version, I didn’t look further. But I just got through listening to them talk about @Nate_Pearson 's unfortunate grinding BB on I believe his Venge. That may be just what @Jonathan needs to talk Nate into a Roubaix.

Near as I can tell, the 68mm threaded BB is on EVERY new model (with the 1.5 or 2.5 Futureshock and new frame).

Thats still 34% off a 75% higher price.

Used, or previous model, obviously is always going to be less than current year new. I’d rather get the 34% off a $1000 bike than a $2000 bike.

nope. caley fretz said the headset still came loose on the test bike he gotten since february.

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I think generally this frame is too high for me but it’ll be interesting to see if this is the first step in them returning to the old bb standard. Personally I would be just fine with going back to threaded. T47 is the only only of the new ones I’ve used that I think very much of.

I don’t know the exact models where you can get this, but they are offering a “race” version with lower stack. See the short comparison from the Sagan and “regular” S-Works geo charts.

Yeah, I’d read through those and the lower version is low enough that I think it’d be worth trying but I’m not convinced just looking at it on paper that I’d love it overall given the reach etc. Maybe it’d handle ok and I’d like it but I wouldn’t do it without trying it out. The taller version I don’t think I would like, there’s a point I reach in sitting more upright that I start to feel out of balance fore and aft and I think the taller version would be well passed that for me based on the stack/reach of other bikes I’ve ridden.

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Obviously there’s not much (although critical) info in your geometry chart post and I haven’t looked but…a “regular” size X (i.e. 52) looks to be a “Sagan” size X+1 (i.e. 54), no?

I grabbed a partial pic of each chart. I did this with pure focus on Stack value as that was the primary comment to which I replied.

It does appear that one possibility of the “race” size is a sized down version. But I don’t make that as a concrete claim, as I may be comparing the wrong models.

S-Works Roubaix Frameset – Sagan Collection

  • image

S-Works Roubaix Frameset

  • image

Roubaix Sport

  • image

I need to look more closely and see what is the real info. I am relying on the general marketing and reported info (not hard comparisons) at the moment, and they may well be flawed or misleading.


Even if the newest Roubaix is more aero (and I presume you mean the 2020 that they are promoting and not the 2019) doesn’t make the Roubaix a better race bike than the Tarmac. I own the 2015 Roubaix Pro Race Disc version and recently purchased the 2019 S-Works Tarmac w/SRAM eTap AXS. They are very different bikes and perform very differently.

Aerodynamics is only one aspect of a performance bike. As @mcneese.chad suggests, there’s also geometry. My Tarmac stem, for example, sits 40mm lower than my Roubaix, and the wheel base is approximately 30mm shorter. So not only do I ride more aero as a result, but cornering on steep technical descents is faster and with greater control.

And, of course, there is material strength - lateral, horizontal and torsional. There is a real “snap” in accelerations with the Tarmac and more control around corners. Conversely, the Roubaix is designed to absorb rough road, such as the cobbles of the Paris Roubaix.

I have been riding the Roubaix for 4 years. It is a great bike and have enjoyed its comfort, particularly on long rides. But I recon’d the Sea Otter road race course on Sunday in preparation for this Sunday’s RR. At least from my experience, the Tarmac is still Specialized’s all around racing machine!

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I have the comfort non aero 2018. The model just released is the 2019. It has taken everything from the tarmac and venge and improved it. They say it’s the evolution. No longer the massive non aero tubes ect. Bottom line is specialized says it’s faster than a tarmac. But that’s only if you believe what a spec engineer says about a spec bike. Does seem odd in a way that spec bikes are competing against them selves now.

Just watched a video and exact same geometry for s works roubaix and a works tarmac. As the diverge has become such an endurance bike they brought the roubaix back to racing.

The new model with the full aero design and FutureShock 2.0 is actually the 2020 model. This is a snip from the dealer site:

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thx much. The video was wrong lol. So I am wrong :slight_smile: I wish I had bought a 2020 then instead of a 2018. There must not be a 2019 model year then???

Yup, there were 2019 models too:

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A bit like the way cars have gone, some bike companies release the “Model Year” early and essentially 1 year ahead. All wonderfully confusing and quite silly.