Oakley Jawbreaker Replacement Nose Hinge Piece

I need the black “hinge” piece only but, having a hell of a time finding one…Anyone have any leads?

Have you tried reaching out to Oakley’s customer service? In the past they’ve been quite responsive.

I have yep.

Try eBay or Oakley Sunglasses Exchange | Oakley Forum

When mine started going to schitt, I took it to an Oakley shop and they swapped it out for me for free. They said they weren’t supposed to do it, but…maybe give it a shot.

My next move soon I guess. I’ve literally found every other piece (knockoff and authentic) except the nose hinge piece. Nuts.

What a run around from Oakley. Finally get to the official Oakley service portal, enter model, color etc…and they don’t offer the piece I need. For anyone going down this path they don’t offer the metal clip or the nose hinge piece. Save time and just go to anyone who sells Oakley and get on your knees and beg.

Try Sugru moldable glue. I had a comparable issue and I solved it with moldable glue. Now I have a custom fit nose hinge…:wink:

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I bought these, not perfect but saved buying a new pair of expensive frames. Oakley customer service said they had no replacement.

That piece isn’t the one I’m trying to replace.

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