Canyon H31 Aero Spacer Kit-- anyone know where I can get this part?

Canyon US is out of stock on this piece. It looks like canyon EU has it, but it appears they won’t ship to the US. Anyone know where i can get the bottom piece that sits between the frame/headset and the stem (called a transition plate)… I don’t need the stem or the spacers, but my transition plate is cracked so I need to replace that.

Additionally, is anyone familiar if I can replace this whole aero spacer kit with a traditional headset? I think a slammed stem would look much better without the transition plate :slight_smile:

I dare say someone kind in the EU might be willing to order one and post it to you if you’re stuck. Let me know if you don’t have family / friends to lean on… (I’m in the UK so technically not the EU any more, but for a few more months we almost count!)

(I don’t know if you can replace entirely with a new headset, I’m afraid.)

When I spoke to canyon about spacers & bearings for my ultimate, they pointed me to their suppliers eBay page…

Il dig out the suppliers name now…Hopefully they will ship the states…

Edit - it was seller:airevelobearings but it appears that was just for the headset bearings.


There is a smaller part you can order with only a 3mm stack height. I just got one from Canyon in the US. I think it was $15+shipping and you’ll probably have to call.

Aero Transition Plate 3mm stack part 123757

I just got one but can’t find my spacers so I can’t install it without cutting my steerer more. I want to play with the height before committing to that!! I’d gladly send you the thicker transition piece if you had 10mm or so worth of spacers lying around that you could spare!

Have you contacted Canyon US direct? They may hold a small stock for damaged parts that aren’t for general sale on their website. Can’t hurt to ask.

Or you can print it in 3D. I measured mine, then made simple 5min “whatever” project in CAD and printed locally, should be quick and almost free.

Ok, looks like crap but it is due to low-end friend’s printer. Works fine.


I should have this file somewhere if you want. Or you can do it better, I didn’t mind :slight_smile: