Oakley prizm sunglasses peeling

Anyone ever have anything funky happen to their prizms or other sunglasses? I’ve had these for 3 years. I keep them inside a soft Oakley bag, and that inside a hard shell Oakley case. And they stay inside my house climate controlled in the winter.

Just pulled them out for the first time this season and they had these strange marks.


Yup. To my Oakleys as well

This is why I use others now

Long time Oakley owner and I have not had that happen. Sorry to see, maybe reach out to them and ask them to send a new lens? I’ve found them to be pretty good to work with (but nothing like Revo in my n=1 experience) on the warranty side when it’s their fault and not yours.

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Well, they’re 3 years old so I’m not too worried about it they were getting light scratching and I was getting ready to replace anyways. Was just wondering if anyone else had this experience

Yup. Thats Oakley.

They’ll start to bubble inside the lens before the delaminate. Usually they’ll warranty them.

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The last time I had a pair of Oakleys do that I took them to an Oakley store (might have been a Sunglass Hut) and they replaced the lenses without me even asking. I just showed them the lenses and asked them if they knew what was up with them and they went into the back and got me replacements. I’ve been using that pair without trouble for the last 8 years or so.

I’m gonna try that because I was about ready to replace them anyways do to normal wear and tear small scratches lol.

Happen to mine also

Happened to me. I think i sweated heavily on the lenses or maybe sweat with sunscreen mixed in then didn’t wash them after ride finished.

I’m too scared to actually go and check mine now… :confused:

Its normal. Ive had a couple returned for warranty, and eventually they all end up like that. When I visited the oakley shop in London they said that the cause was due to sweat or water being left to dry on the lenses. They strip the coating when it evaporates.

I take really good care of my oakley jawbreakers, wiped down with carl zeiss cleaner and dried with a microfibre cloth but it still happens eventually. 3 years is pretty good for sunglasses.

I’d use it a bit more before it completely peels off and change it.

Hope it helps.

I’ve had mine for 3 years and they show no sign of wear like that. As others have mentioned it seems likely that this could be highly dependant on how much of a sweater you are. A little like those folks who claim to have sweat so much they destroy their handlebars on indoor trainers. I’ve never seen it personally but no reason to doubt this is the case. Some people are just really salty sweaters.

I was told to make sure to wash them with soap after each ride. So hopefully you get new ones but make sure wash if you hadn’t until now.

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I have that happening with a set as well. Since mine are discontinued, I doubt much will happen.

Might be worth a try. I love the dark lenses for road riding.

I think i have used Oakleys since early 90’s and I have never seen anything like that. ATM I have multiple radars with different types of prizm lenses and have had zero issues with them.

Walked into an Oakley store and they replaced the lens, no questions asked. Didn’t even ask for a receipt. Can’t beat that for customer service.

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Well. These are common with Oakleys for sure. I have atleast 20 different pairs of this brand & 50% of them had the same problem. I have seen this issue when I lived in India, UK , USA. So the major culprit as I heard is saltwater from Sweat or wet glass left to dry of by its own.

Some Solution- As I got the advice - Clean it with shampoo water(its less harsher than the handsoap). Clean it with a dry, cotton/suitable cloth. Blowdry (in absolute coldest setting) with the hairdryer for drying out the water logged at edges.

Ensure the glasses are absolutely dry before we put them in the box