Nutrition strategy [for weight loss]

What strategies do you guys use, when you want to shred a few punds?

I find it a bit hard, when you train alot, and have to fuel those workouts…

I make it as simple as possible. I eat essentially the same breakfast and lunch every day and dinner will vary. I cut back roughly 500kcal a day and replace the calories I lose from workouts (ie. If my total calories for the day is 2000 and I burn 800 during a ride, I’ll consume 2800 for the day). I also cut my daily fat intake.

I understand that there are a lot of nuances to losing weight, but that strategy has always worked for me.

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Might want to start with some of the very, very long discussions out there about this already:


Ditto @BCM :point_up:t2: :slight_smile:

We had a great podcast with Dr. Kyle Pfaffenbach just about this topic!


@Astono here is a guy (prof. zemel) who showed me a neat trick for weightloss. I happened to mention that I was taking a more conservative approach to trimming down for competition as I got older because DEXA scans showed me more & more of my weightloss was muscle mass. Michael mentioned that he had published a series of studies demonstrating that leucine & pyridoxine aids weightloss and preserves muscle & that results were ‘not just academic but clinically significant’.

Since it’s just leucine and pyridoxine…it’s cheap and it’s not going to hurt…I gave it a try. It does help. And if I was losing 10lbs that was 7lbs of muscle before…now it was 70% weightloss that wasn’t lean body mass. Maybe that’s just because I’m a masters rider now, I don’t know.