Numbers after workout and workout intensity

I am pretty new to TR and like it so far. My first question is regarding the Numbers displayed at the bottom of an interval. The first wattage number is often lower than the second one, e.g. 267/275. I guess the first number is the achieved wattage, the second the set value for the respective interval. I don’t really understand why the deviation of these two numbers is quite high, sometimes around 5 to 7 watts even though I use Erg mode.

Before TR I was doing a Zwift Training Plan where I could get quite some gains. I joined TR because of the versatility and kind of including outdoor rides (I use a combination of RL/GL and TrainNow for now). However, the workouts sometimes feel pretty easy. Is trainnow usually intended to preserve the form or to build up?

If you have a trainer with a flywheel there are some inertia in it due to it’s rotational speed. When a higher power is demanded the flywheel absorbs some of the energy and begins to slow down. This is when you feel the added resistance and start to increase your effort trying to maintain your cadence. The opposite occur in the end of the interval. The discrepancy you experience is from this process.
Depending on your gearing, the time until your trainer have settled in the demanded resistance varies.
With some practice it is quiet easy to minimize this effect. If you use a slightly lower cadence during the rest interval you can start to increase it to your target cadence during the countdown. This builds inertia into the flywheel and helps the trainer reach it’s set point.

What level workout are you doing? Being new to TR I am guessing it may just be that your PL levels are low. Since you are doing train now workouts you can choose a “stretch” workout or select a workout from the library that you feel is your level and try it out. You can get it dialed in pretty quickly.

Have you started a training plan? I recommend do this, maybe starting with a low volume plan. In my experience, a LV plan with 3 structured days plus another long outside ride works perfectly. I’ve managed a few structured sessions outdoors, but only easy endurance rides so far. You will hopefully find that by following a plan you will start to see a mix of easy, harder and difficult sessions. If you are still finding them easy then mark the session as easy and you’ll find adaptive training will take over and make future sessions harder for you until you find that balance.

Thanks for the answer. I’m in principle aware of that behaviour. I was just wondering that the numbers are sometimes off by 5 to 8 watts. And shouldn’t it somehow equal out due to the lower numbers in the acceleration phase and the higher numbers in the deceleration phase?

Where do I see the level of my workouts? And what do you mean with PL, as I’m new I am not aware of all the features and abbreviations in TR. My expectation was, that train now does exactly that for me, to choose the best workout to get gains and not that I’m selecting possibly unsuitable workouts on my own from the library.

I stopped a training plan because it was not suitable with my (sponaneous) outdoor rides and I figured, that train now might suite better for me now. I am doing 1 outdoor ride fixed per week and possibly also another and suqeeze in the indoor rides as I have time.

When you select your “train now” workout you can scroll down to alternates. There’s a tab likely saying “productive.” You can select and choose a different difficulty there.

If you prefer to manually select your own workout, under the workout tab there are various filters you can choose: difficulty, workout level, etc. Generally the higher the level the harder the workout.

Hope this helps.

This is most likely the case.

Starting with some quick links to useful references that you should read to better understand the range of options in TR, and pick what meets your needs best:

There may be more to review, but that will get you well into the TR universe with a better understanding.

Mostly covered well above, but just to mention that ERG is not magic. I helps keep a rider on target but power fluctuating is natural and expected in ERG. Falling a bit short vs over in intervals can come from a number of factors. But key overall is that you maintain a steady and consistent cadence. If you do that, most trainers and the TR app will keep you close to target.

Missing even by the watts in your example will not lead to measurable issues. Despite the precision of the tools in use, our bodies are not that sensitive. You will get the same basic training impact even with that shortcoming.

Hey there @vogs!

There is already a bunch of good info on this thread.

Quick question – are you referring to the power numbers that show up at the end of each interval and then disappear after a few seconds? If so, these are the prescribed & average numbers for that specific interval.

You’ll probably find that your average power will match really closely (within a watt or two) during longer intervals where your trainer’s “catch-up” time plays a smaller role, and shorter surgery intervals often result in bigger discrepancies due to the nature of large swings in power and sometimes cadence.

The best thing to minimize this is to keep a really steady cadence from around 10 seconds before each interval starts all the way through the end. Cadence is a part of the formula that calculates power, so each time your cadence changes, the trainer needs to adjust its resistance for you to hit the power target.

In terms of seeing steady, long-term fitness gains, I agree with @Back2Basics. If you have the ability to get on a consistent training schedule, I’d use Plan Builder to get something unique to you that you can closely follow on to your calendar.

Plan Builder will build out a solid training plan that incorporates different training phases as well as recovery when needed to ensure that you’re getting the best training stimulus for your goals. If you’re interested in reading more about how training periodization works, check out our blog post below!

If you’d like some guidance getting a plan set up, I’d be happy to help! Just say the word! :grin: