Now that TrainerRoad are letting the AI out of the bag.. can they let it create workouts based on imported courses?

You have your route uploaded, and the algo knows what work you need to do, so can it develop a workout based on those? The same sort of tech that Strava Live Segments would use.

Would take the faff out of the outdoors workouts (which are amazing by the way, made structured training fun for me again), where you’re trying to make the geography fit the workout.

Pretty sure TrainerRoad can pull this off, or will be the first to pull it off.


This would be great - especially if it could be specified where on the course you wish to “give it some beans”.

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Passing along to the team for consideration! This request exists on other posts (for rides to be imported and turned into workouts), and I think it would be a bit before we had the bandwidth to consider working this into the roadmap, but a cool idea nonetheless. :v: