Not quite sure I get adaptive training

In the second week of an adaptive plan. Finished my workout yesterday and got the adaptions pending notification, it wanted to change a few workouts about 4 weeks out, I accepted. Then this morning I start up the app and get the notification again, this time it wants to change one workout, on christmas day (2 months out), to something 30 minutes shorter. Did something change overnight? Did it notice I didnt sleep great because we just got a new bed? I guess I am not seeing why it wants to change things so often.


A good relationship has a bit of mystery to it. Gotta keep you guessing to keep the spark alive! :grin:


Does seem strange to be changing workouts that far out as they’ll be a lot more water under the bridge before you get to those workouts. I’d expect adaptive training to change workouts in the near future, not weeks away.

Yeah…happened again after sunday’s workout…my app froze 1:15 into a 1:30 workout…couldnt get it to let me finish the workout. So more adaptions came up 4-6 weeks out…adding 30 min to all my sunday endurance rides?

When it comes to endurance, as you go through progression levels, the only way to go up is to extend the workouts - otherwise it pushes you into a different training zone. I noticed that going through traditional base. Once I got up to around 5 or so in the PL my workouts started getting adapted to longer sessions. That doesn’t answer your question about adaptations so far in the future, though.

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Again…finished a workout and got a boatload of adaptions 5-6 weeks out, all increasing my wednesday ride from endurance to aerobic. It would be nice if the adaptions pending notice came with some explanations.

I had the same at the beginning of my adaptive plan…lots of changes 4-5 weeks out. Being now 1 month in the plan the changes proposed are all for the short-term…and just one or two. I would guess it needs a bit of time to get to know your specifics and let the math work

I’ve had the same experience. If I have not been training and start a new plan, the changes are anywhere from a few days to over a month out. After a few weeks of using AT, there are fewer changes in the distant future and fewer changes in general.

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