Not doing strength training (lift weights), where will it hurt the power curve/profile?

Hi, if you don’t and can’t lift weights where will the limits be if you do still focus on max power on 30,60,90sec intervalls?.

Is the limit 0-30s, 0-60s or even further?.

If you can’t lift weight how would you train Z6/anarobe?.

Nobody has any input here at all?.

Strength training is more about holding position and resisting fatigue, than boosting FTP or your sprint speed.

There are studies that showed a positive correlation between strength training and everything from peak power, VO2 power, 20min power, FTP, and fatigue resistance. Training your body to more efficiently and more rapidly recruit muscle fibers is never a bad idea. Combine that with the postural and injury prevention benefits and it’s hard to argue that you shouldn’t do any form of strength training even if it’s just bodyweight stuff.



Also strength training is just a huge benefit for your body as a whole. Find some simple body weight movements such as push-ups, core work, pistol squats, lunges, and calf raises. I neglected strength work for a long time and suffered dearly with some injuries. Took a few weeks off and implemented this exact program with some good stretching and foam rolling and everything has cleared up, and my body just feels better daily. I am recovering from rides better as well. Improvements in power numbers i cant say for sure but i can say my body seems to be more fatigue resistant than before.


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