NorCal vs Legion

That was Rahsaan, his teammate won shortly after, and if I remember correctly they first posted the video to remind people to have some respect (I’m paraphrasing).


To be clear that was Rahsaan Bahati in the video (#772). Not one of the Legion riders.

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Well said.

To echo some of these thoughts, I really liked Legion, just cool to see minority riders (I’m of Asian descent), but their behavior over the past couple of years has been ridiculous. I’m totally off it. They’ll never respond to Jeff’s follow-up (super mature - I would have been really hurt by the Williams’ bullying) because bullies don’t care about honest discussion.


Wasn’t it only one of the brothers that raced (Justin?) - I seem to remember the other brother was serving a suspension for punching on after a crit.

I’m pretty sure they were both in the road race. I think that’s Cory in the picture I posted earlier in the thread.

Also seem to remember Cory racing the TT.

I remember that well. I was one of the skeptics thinking Lamperti “got lucky” that year. He made me think twice by doing it again the following year. It was super impressive too. For sure a major flex!

I do also remember the national jersey controversy. It is quite amusing in retrospect. I am still a fan of Legion, but at time I think they could handle certain issues better. Then again, hindsight is always 20/20…


I wasn’t 100% sure so just checked, Justin was a DNS in the RR.

and from the wiki page:

Respect to the best buddies riders for realizing they did the crime and were smart enough to take community service and a reduced suspension.

This story says it all about Williams. Do the crime, don’t accept the decision, do an appeal instead and then lose and serve the full suspension. Justin is a terrible example for young riders and the crit community. It really is a shame that some success went so far to there heads.


I don’t think Phil lapped the field, but he did solo away pretty early for the win. I think the story goes that Cory Williams and Rahsaan Bahati got into a breakaway with him, and then he rode both off his wheel.

God I love Phil


Agreed. And it’s not like Legion is in the olympics and Jeff is playing little league. They literally race in many of the same races and Jeff is right in the mix on most of them. His opinions on high level crit racing in the US are certainly valid.


I gotta see this!

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Sorry for the delay; I’m not on here regularly. Here’s what I found:


I mean, I think it’s a stretch to compare an hour crit on a 1 mile circuit to a 160km road race on a 16km circuit. Here’s the course map:

Not quite a downtown crit circuit and probably 3-4x as long as the typical high level crit.

I still think these high level road guys would crush Legion in a real crit but this isn’t the best example of that match up

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King of American Crits


Legion up to their usual antics again at Tulsa Tough, ending with the relegation of one of their female riders and one of their male riders stomping the bike of a rider he was involved in a crash with…


That stamping is inexcusable. That’s someone’s property, I wonder if there’s any claim for repairs?


Any chance this unacceptable behavior will result in literally any consequences?


I hate to say it, but it will more than likely lead to more likes, views, and follows.

Toxicity sells :roll_eyes:


I think the chance is somewhere between zero to none.