L39ION? Brings in a ringer?

Is it just me? Or do the bad looks for this crew just keep multiplying?

Bringing in a ringer to win your own event? All power to Luke Lamperti for (hopefully) cashing a check … but this outfit is making me nostalgic for ‘spirit of gravel’ debates lol

Justin has turned out to be a horrible ambassador for our sport, and it bums me out.



Bad link?

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I concur. The initial hype about inspiring and bringing in new minority riders and invigorating the domestic scene has just turned into the worst of the old scene.
Give me an American Sagan, Alaphillipe, or Pogacar if you want to revitalize the US scene. If they could find a way for Kuss to race domestically, that’d be great. If they can find a minority rider who brings that kind of spirit and enthusiasm to the sport without all the negatives, so much the better.


This work?


Yep, cheers

Legion is 2 for 2 in winning their own events (men’s and women’s)!



Yea, I do think it’s pretty hilarious after the shenanigans of fielding two full teams last year and hand picking the invites, they go out and get a world tour guy to make sure they win. If you can’t beat them, buy them? It’s just kind of sad. Between this, not paying the winners from last year, the fight, the suspensions; it’s been a sharp downhill trajectory.


Lamperti can’t beat you again if he’s on your team for the day.


Is Legion still fooling anyone? Promote a race and stack the deck with your own riders so you don’t have to pay out any prize money. And if anyone complains, you roast them on Instagram.


They love to run their mouths on Instagram, but if anyone has anything critical to say, they’re blocked.

I don’t see why anyone would participate in a Legion event since they haven’t paid out their past events yet. And Legion will crash you as long as it’s convenient for them. So it’s literally heads Legion wins, tails you lose.


I don’t think this is accurate…they paid late (which was incredibly lame and shameful), but I believe everyone was eventually paid.


I’m glad they paid, but given that they were pretty late, weren’t talking to the winner when she reached out and the media picked up on the story giving them bad press… I wonder if they would have paid without the bad publicity.

Ok so you might get paid but Legion is still likely to put you to the curb or want to fight you. Sign me up! :upside_down_face:


Yeah I’d have to be a very dedicated and with a good chance of a good result to race a legion crit over a different discipline or promotors event.

From my position there’s more cons over pros. Which sucks as crits do look great.


Oh yeah, like I said, the late payment is shameful. Not defending them at all.