Beef between Justin Williams and Travis McCabe

All the Instagram cycling meme accounts are going on about some beef between Justin Williams and Travis McCabe. Can someone do an ELI5?

My limited understanding: Justin is former Amateur Crit National Champ but is now Pro. Travis is former Pro Crit National Champ but is now Amateur. But what are they fighting about?

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They unfriended each other a few months back and there was some fallout between them but not sure why or why this is coming up now.

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Who cares


OP does. I kinda do too now.
Why so negative?


Sounds like thre was some kind of trash talking about an upcoming race where Travis told Justin to leave his USA jersey at home and wear a normal one because he is the “real” USA crit champ.

It’s like watching a car crash, you don’t like seeing it but you just can’t look away. Unfortunately it looks bad on both but I’ll definitely be wanting to watch any race where both are involved.


Basically Rob from Crit Nation posted a pic of Best Buddies brining along Danny Estevez with a caption of ‘this changes everything’. Justin chimed in and did his ‘this changes nothing’ and then it just went off from there.


What @Madhavok said.

Justin is the amateur Crit champ, Travis is the pro crit champ. Justin threw shade, and Travis asked if he was going to leave the jersey at home now that is a pro, and to stop pretending. Justin then insuated that Travis was washed up and was just on a retirement tour now. Basically the “throwdown” between both will be Tulsa. Then, don’t forget Thomas Gibbons is the reigning individual champ, but he doesn’t get a special jersey.

Basically the fight is about who has the right to wear the Stars n’ Stripes. Justin apparently couldn’t race in Pro as L39ion wasn’t a UCI team at the time (they are now) and no way would he race solo. So really, the problem is cycling in the US and how’s it’s structured, basically have two championships due to whether a team is UCI reg or not.

Then the meme pages got (hilariously) involved and blew it up.

I honestly think it’s good for the sport to build hype. Cycling is pretty stuffy and a stick in the mud, so dudes playing bad guy / good guy makes it more fun and creates a story line. More than a few are suggesting it’s staged, like a MMA fight, but I don’t think it is. It got me hyped at least.

I did LOL at someone’s comment about how Lachlan Morton would show up in a football jersey, bibs, and a frame bag, and still win. I don’t think he would, but the mental image is funny.


Thanks @Madhavok and @hoffman900 for the explanations. Rivalries/hype/drama are fun (and funny). Inevitably though someone’s going to lose perspectives, go too far, and ruin it for everyone. :man_shrugging:

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Yeah, some of Justin’s haters are taking it too far, I think. I mean, he’s cocky, but people who are good in their perspective sports typically are (and also partly why they’re good). I think people who maybe aren’t fans of Justin at least acknowledge they like what L39ion is about and what they’re doing. They get some flack foe the show boating and all, but as Justin said, he’s not trying to reach out to people already in the sport, and I agree with that.

I really have no dog in this fight and could care less one way or another who wins/loses of the two. I won’t be in the race, so as long as it’s entertaining, then I’m all for it.


But with the new team structure, wouldn’t this happen this year with Justin still being amateur? The team, apart from Justin, is Pro. So if he’s racing the amateur crit champs, are there non-pro team members still to help him?

Yea, this is the odd part. And it’s created this whole situation. Having pro and amateur racing together, but then apart for the national champs, but then they can both wear the jersey if the race is P/1/2 or whatever. Definitely a strange situation.

Thanks, was able to find the post and comment thread based on this. Never would have found it otherwise.

Ok, read the full thread now. My 2 cents, irrespective of whatever macro organizational and/or structural disfunction exists within USA Cycling: 1) started as normal trash talk, but Travis comes off as the aggressor/instigator; 2) Justin took the bait; 3) mot_cycling234 is a dick. That being said, I’m a fan of Justin, so am probably biased.

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it sounds like they need a unified belt for an undisputed champion of the world, but only in America.


For consistency, parts of Canada should be included as well.


What flag would the winner wear if they were Canadian?



This is the best summary I’ve seen so far. I read it as Justin just talking normal trash talk and then it getting way out of hand after that.


Appears that numerous former Legion team members got unfollowed by the Williams brothers.

Cory Lockwood and Dante Young, for example.

Seems petty.


they did that a long while ago, after they were off the team. Yeah, it seems petty to me too. I don’t know what’s going on there, but it seems a tad personal.

Drama indeed. I find it a turn off.


Yeah I’m conflicted.

Justin talks a lot of trash and hypes himself constantly. That’s generally not my style.

However, there’s tons of trash talk in American team sports. It does get people interested and invested in the sport and specifically the American crit scene, which I think deserves more attention.

The ghosting of former teammates really bothers me. Like I don’t expect you to hype them, but acknowledging their existence and your history with them is just being a decent person.