NorCal vs Legion

Is it possible we’re all looking at this the wrong way, and what American crit racing really needs is to be more like pro wresting? Legion are doing a great job setting themselves up as heels, maybe there’s a good guy team out there waiting in the wings to save the day? Is Legion consulting with Vince McMahon?


I would be ok with it as long as they didn’t get people/bikes hurt/damaged. Put on a show, sure. But crit racing is scary enough in terms of injuries. I would like to try racing, but knowing that a major fall in which I will likely need surgery or buy a new bike is inevitable is hard to deal with at an older age (40+).


Crit racing in the US needs to be cyclocross :joy:


Crashing is likely inevitable…crashing as described above is not. I have raced crits since the late 80’s and neither has happened to me.


That’s good to know!

Someone linked Oklahoma’s legal code of " Malicious injury or destruction of property" which states:
"1. A misdemeanor, if the damage, defacement or destruction causes a loss which has an aggregate value of less than One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00);

  1. A felony, if the damage, defacement or destruction causes a loss which has an aggregate value of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) or more;

    B. In addition to any other punishment prescribed by law for violations of subsection A of this section, he or she is liable in treble damages for the injury done, to be recovered in a civil action by the owner of such property or public officer having charge thereof."

IANAL but that sounds pretty clear to me.


Immature, whiny children.


Counterpoint: I’ve been racing 6 months and I’m currently waiting for my latest xray results! I am curious what the statistics are on broken bones and concussions.

But regardless, stuff like what Legion is doing (running people off the road and deliberately damaging property) is riduculous and immature, and there should be consequences outside of small claims court.


Ooof…heal fast and well.

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Thats the series that the German RSC Kempten is racing currently and afaik they are doing quite OK so far. Cant wait for their stories about how it was to race “the big guys in America”. For reference, RSC Kempten is the team to beat in German Crit Racing.
EDIT: They start as DCC there :thinking:


There are many, many times when criminal acts are committed by sporting participants, even when well outside the realm of the sport, aren’t charged by local authorities.


He’s probably collectable. If that’s a reasonably expensive wheel, or whatever else was crushed, “treble damages” means you get 3x the cost of replacement. There’s video. He’s red handed. File. Collect. NBD.

Yeah, but if you are a repeat offender and you are on tape, chances are you will get hit eventually. Stomping on someone’s bike is beyond the pale.

Even more concerning, the officials need to put a stop to it: this is not hockey where brawl do happen and seem to be part of the sport.

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As a past hockey player and Canadian I am offended by this :wink: . Not offended by your comment! Very offended that fighting is still in hockey. Hockey should be a game of power, skill and speed.

Far too many hockey players have been damaged by thuggery in hockey.

There should be no room in any sport for fighting unless it is a fighting sport


Agreed. Hockey looks like such a cool sport…but honestly I cant look at it as anything more than pro wrestling on ice when people just randomly stop playing and have punchy time in the middle of a game. It’s like some sort of trashy reality show game.


Totally agreed, and the problem seems to be cultural. If you are on a soccer field and deck another player, the consequences are serious.

(My dad managed a pro women’s hockey team for about 10 years, and I have seen plenty of live games as a kid. Even in women’s games you’d sometimes have fights, albeit not nearly as often. I always found that very off-putting, because even as a kid I could not remember another sport where this was acceptable, barring obvious exceptions like boxing. My dad really wanted me to give it a shot, and this was one of the factors why I never felt like it. Yeah, it hockey is a great sport, it strikes a nice balance between soccer where luck can be a major factor and “statistical sports” like baseball and basketball. It is fast-paced, dynamic and can be very technical.)

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The “fights” in hockey are tolerated because it’s really hard for people in hockey gear standing on ice to seriously injure each other. Hehehe.

Of course, you can say much the same about cyclists with cyclist arms standing on cleats…


Hence why it looks more like pro wrestling than a real sport.

Heck if the fights were serious and dangerous with consequences…hockey would be amazing lol! Just knock out the goaltender amd go to town.

Have you ever had someone stand on your foot wearing cleats? Haunts me to this day.

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WWE For Canadians :wink: